Flat Earth Race to the Edge is a high speed first person flying mobile game. Based on FET. Coming soon to IOS and Android mobile phones.  

We follow the Flat Earth Theory (FET), as thousands of other people are looking at possible evidence of a flat earth. Many scientists, celebrities and influential figures have sparked debate on this subject such as Astro Physicist Neil Degrasse Tyson

What is the Flat Earth Theory?

Modern Flat Earth believers consist of individuals who promote the idea and believe that the Earth is flat rather than an oblate spheroid based of repeatable scientific experiments anyone can reproduce.

The earth is flat but round like a circle and the outer edges are surrounded by a 200 ft wall of ice. The wall of ice keeps the oceans water in place. What is on the other side of the ice wall is the question for many FET followers. A dome, more continents such as U.S military Admiral Richard E. Byrd suggests or another galaxy?

We at i80 games will create games to help spread FET and get more people to do their own research, while helping stir up the heated debate that has led some non-believers to actually see that we're not living on an round earth (ball earth). In our games and social media platforms we will ask our own questions. With our talents and experience we have decided to help contribute to the FET movement by doing what we do best, be creative and make some noise.