We like the thousands of other people, follow the Flat Earth Theory (FET) to find possible evidence of a flat earth. The government and NASA are not answering all of our questions.  

Those who do not believe in the Flat Earth Theory can not answer simple questions such as why NASA has only provided two photos of the earth? One photo of the entire earth was taken in 1972 , and another was taken forty three years later.  We estimate that there is about 25,000 satellites in orbit, but NASA is unable to provide one clear high resolution image of the earth.  Why not ?

NASA has provided images taken of Mars and Jupiter from their statellites. Why are they not able to do the same for earth ? Click here " Moon " for more information

Is Elon Musk really working on Space-X to get to Mars or is he really planning to prove the Flat Earth Theory ? Or try to debunk the Flat Earth Theory ?

Rockets launched by NASA do not fly straight up. Wouldn't that be the quickest way to orbit?

Instead, rockets and the space shuttles are seen traveling upwards and then they curve to the left or right towards the ocean until you can't see them anymore. Are they avoiding the dome?

To this date NASA has never shown a 360 degree exterior shot of the space station.

We have not seen footage of astronauts exiting or entering the space stations. The ISS space station has rubber seals and many other parts that should constantly need to be replaced or the parts would fail over time. All military crafts such as submarines and ships have engineers with tool shops for repairs. Why doesn't the ISS have its own engineering crew ?

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